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Tyr, also known as Tiwaz, is the Nordic god of war. He is remembered as the patron who established law and order in the community. Warriors worship Tyr for he is said to grant victory and protection in times of battle. At one point in Indo-European culture, Tyr was regarded as the All-father of the Nordic pantheon until he lost his rank to Odin.

Tyr is the boldest and most courageous of the gods. In Asgard he rules over the sky guarding the heavens from the much despised Fenrir wolf.

The Fenrir wolf was one of Loki's malicious offspring that was raised in the ream of Asgard. Odin asked the dwarfs to craft an unbreakable chain to bind the wolf. Fenrir refused to have this chain put on him unless a god put a hand between his jaws to assure him that the fetters were harmless. Tyr volunteered and the wolf bit off his right hand.

For his sacrifice Tyr is revered as the peacemaking god. He will fight against the hound of Hel, Garm, during the last battle of Ragnarok, and they will kill each other.