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Thor is the Germanic god of thunder and lightning. He is the strongest among the gods in Asgard. His status in the Nordic pantheon precedes that of Odin, his father. Thor rules over the region called Prudvangar, "the Paddock of Power", where his lightning castle Bilskirnir is situated.

Thor has the power to conjure storms, and control the wind and rain. He is a mighty god with an immense appetite. He has fiery red hair, a huge red beard, and a hot temper.

Thor owns three powerful treasures. The first is his most cherished, his hammer Mjollnir. With it, he became the defender of Asgard, for he protects this realm from such enemies as giants, trolls, and the Midgard serpent. Mjollnir is also known as the thunderbolt. When this hammer is thrown at the enemy, it returns to Thor's hands like a boomerang. Thor grasps the shaft of this hammer with his second most powerful aid, his iron-clad gloves.

His third treasure is a strength-increasing belt. He is able to replenish his divine strength by wearing this magical girdle. LOKI