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Introduction to Norse Mythology

The world of Norse Mythology is a highly unusual world. Asgard, the house of the gods, is unlike any other place men have imagined. No joy exists there and no promise of pleasure. It is a dark solemn place, over which hangs the threat of sure doom. The gods know that they will be annihilated. Sometime they will face their foes and will succumb to defeat and death. Asgard will be desolated. The cause the forces of good are struggling to defend against the forces of evil is impossible. Nevertheless, the gods will fight for it to the death.

No Greek God could be heroic. All the Olympians were immortal and invincible. They could never withstand danger. When they fought they were certain of victory and no injury could befall them. It was not so in Asgard. The giants, whose city was Jotunheim, were known and not only were an ever-present danger, but knew that eventual triumph was assured.

This knowledge was written on the hearts of all the dwellers in Asgard, but it weighed heaviest on their chief and ruler.

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