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Odin is the supreme deity and eldest of all the gods in the Nordic pantheon. He is leader of the race of gods belonging to the Aesir. He is called All-father for he is father of all the gods and father directly to THOR

Odin is a lonely solemn figure, always aloof. Even when he sits at the feast of the Gods in his golden palace, Gladsheim or with the heroes in Valhalla, he eats nothing. His food he gives to the two wolves who sit at his feet. On his shoulders sit two ravens, who fly each day and return with news of all that men do. The name of one raven is Thought (Hugin) and of the other Memory (Munin).

He had the responsisbility of postponing as long as possible doomsday, Ragnarok, when heaven and earth would be laid to waste.

He won the knowledge of the Runes, by great suffering. The runes were magical inscriptions, immensely powerful for anyone who could inscribe them on anything - wood, metal stone.

He risked his life again to wrest away the skaldic mead, which made anyone who tasted it a poet. In all ways he was mankind's benefactor.